Enrichment FAQ

SSKY PTO Enrichment Program FAQ

What is the Enrichment Program?

The PTO sponsored Enrichment Program offers 45-60 minute elective classes before and after school. These are non-graded courses with very small student to teacher ratios. Participating in the Enrichment Program enhances your child’s learning with special experiences.

What does the PTO do with the registration fees?

Taking an Enrichment Class is a fun way to contribute to our school. About half of the fees collected are used to pay for supplies and to reimburse our enrichment teachers for their time. The rest of the money raised through Enrichment is directed to the General Fund and used to help pay for school enhancements, such as technology, magazines and books, Artist-In-Residence, STEM Night, Art Walk, and many, many other Sonoran Sky programs.

The money raised through Enrichment is essential to maintaining the wonderful programs and events that are provided to our children. Each year presents us with a new need or endeavor, and the PTO is committed to using all money received to provide the best educational experiences possible.

Who teaches Enrichment Classes?

Enrichment classes are taught by our highly qualified Sonoran Sky teachers and staff. Our District and school administration works hard to hire and train some of the best teachers in the state and the Enrichment Program gives our students the opportunity to work with these teachers in a small group setting outside of the regular school day.

Are scholarships or financial assistance available?

Yes. All scholarships will be based on need. Please submit this form to Front Office Staff for
consideration for a scholarship. Scholarships can only be used to attend PTO sponsored Enrichment classes. They cannot beĀ used for District Enrichment or Community Education classes.

All scholarships will be for 25% off of one class per semester per student. Submission of the
scholarship request form will need to be completed every semester for each child that you are
requesting a scholarship for.

If you are wanting to enroll your child in a popular class or a class that historically sells out
early, please do not wait for a scholarship. Scholarships will not be processed immediately. It
may take several days before you are given any follow up information. Please be sure to include
your email information as any follow up communication will be done via email.

This process and your information will be kept confidential. Please contact enrichment@sskypto.com for more information.

The class is listed for 4th-6th grade? Can my 3rd grader take the class?

The teachers have carefully designed their classes to be appropriate for the grade level(s) listed and we want to respect that class design. However, sometimes a younger student may take a class with instructor approval. Please read the class descriptions to see if this applies.

Why are certain classes cancelled? And what can I do to prevent a class from being cut?

Most classes require a minimum of six (6) students to cover the costs of holding the class. If we cannot enroll the minimum number of students one week before classes are scheduled to start, the class will be cancelled. Parents will be offered a choice of moving to another class or receiving a full refund. The best thing you can do to prevent a class from being cancelled is to talk to your friends and classmates. Word of mouth is our best marketing!