Open PTO Board Positions for the 2015-16 School Year

Who doesn’t love getting to know what’s going on and getting involved at Sonoran Sky Elementary?  Here’s a great way: come be apart of Sonoran Sky’s PTO! 

Here is a list of open Board Position for the 2015/2016 School Year.  If interested in any of the following positions, please email Whitney Crutchley at by Friday, April 17th to be included in the upcoming Board Nominations.  Please include your name, phone, email, child’s name(s) and child’s teacher(s) as well as a few sentences about you and your family.  Ballots will be in the front office Tuesday, April 21st. 

President Elect
Year of shadowing the PTO President.  Will become President for the 2016/17 and 2017/18 School Years. Time commitment for President Elect – 3 – 5 hours per week.

Manages both the PTO General Account as well as the School Support Accounts by Grade Level.  Manages all the inflows and outflows of the both accounts.  Time commitment – 8 – 10 hours per week.  Email for questions about this position.

Wonderland Co-Chair
Email for questions about this position.

  • Attending the monthly PTO meetings, updating the PTO group on Wonderland happenings
  • Meeting regularly with the Wonderland Committee to accomplish monthly goals
  • Managing the contract with our Master Gardener, Karen Klein
  • Start up projects in preparation for upcoming school year
  • Going to the nursery to pick up items several times throughout the year
  • Working with the PTO Treasurer to make sure we are on budget throughout the year
  • Contacting nurseries, plant providers, Home Depot, and compost and soil providers (Singh and Pioneer) for direct discounts when needed
  • Managing volunteers for different projects such as clean-up days, evening events, etc.
  • Helping put up/take down frost cloths during winter break and winter school days when frost may hurt plants
  • Work with Pond Gnome to communicate pond maintenance needs.
  • Work with District contacts at times, such as irrigation lead, landscaping company, electrical dept, plumbing, etc.
  • Assist with Science Fair and Art Walk

Room Parent Coordinator
The Room Parent Coordinator assists classroom room parents that will act as support for their teachers. Provides monthly communication to room parents to disseminate in their classroom and liaisons between the administration and PTO. Attends monthly PTO meetings, gathers Teacher Favorites list for distribution to classrooms, coordinates Teacher Gift funds distribution, and works with Hospitality Committee for Teacher Appreciation week. Time requirement – The beginning of school and Teacher Appreciation week are the most time intensive. Otherwise, throughout the school year only a couple hours a month. Email for questions about this position.

Volunteer Coordinator
Coordinate the Volunteer Meeting at the beginning of the school year.  Attends PTO meetings. Manage all the Sign up Genius for the different volunteer activities.  Help manage the committees for the different offices.  Communicate volunteer opportunities.  Manage the “on deck” volunteer group.  Time requirement – The beginning of the year for the first few weeks are the most time consuming.  After that, 3-5 hours per month maximum. Email for questions about this position.

Lost & Found
Manage the lost and found at the school.  Quarterly, gather up all those lost articles of clothing, hats, etc.  Those with their names on them will be returned to the children.  All others will be washed and put out for display for parents/children to retrieve.  Anything not collected will be donated.  Time requirement – 4 – 5 hours per quarter.  7-10 loads of laundry done per quarter. Email for questions about this position.

Secret Garden Coordinator
Attends monthly PTO meeting. Manage the Secret Garden books by grade level. Grades 1-6 write and illustrate their own book.  Volunteer needed to type for the younger grades, print the pages, bind the books after illustration, and coordinate the process with teachers. Time requirement – Extensive time commitment at the end of each semester. Email for questions about this position.

Marketing Support
Assist with the weekly newsletter, Twitter, Facebook, website, and other communications channels. Time requirement: 5 to 7 hours per week. Email for questions about this position.