Thank you for participating in our 2017-18 Read-a-Thon program. We are very proud to announce that we met our original goal of raising $20,000 to continue funding existing programs. THANK YOU!!!!

We are also extremely proud of our students who, combined, read 617,107 minutes during the 2-week Read-a-Thon.

Because we CRUSHED our $20,000 goal, we allocated the additional money that was raised toward the new playground project. The playground project began last year after numerous discussions with students, teachers, staff, and parents. Because this is a really big and expensive project, it was designed as a multi-year, multi-phase endeavor. Splitting the project up means that only a few new pieces will be added each year as the PTO raises the necessary money. READ-A-THON’s success means that we can speed the playground process up! Stay tuned for more details and keep your eye on the playground!

Did you love Read-a-Thon? We hope you did! If you have any comments you’d like to share with us, please leave us a note in the suggestion box by clicking here.

In the meantime, get ready for next year! We’ll have even more fun reading together!