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Handwriting & Journal Writing- Wednesdays

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Product Description

Handwriting & Journal Writing Enrichment Course

Grades 1-2, in Rm 556, with Mrs. Haley
Wednesday 7:45- 8:30 AM
12 weeks beginning  Feb 7th 2018 through May 2nd 2018
No classes on 3/14

Course Description

We will work on proper handwriting techniques for the first half of the class, and the other half of the class we will work on writing complete sentences in their journals. This class will be based on the students’ individual needs as far as handwriting, and journal writing. We will be working on correct letter formation, proper spacing of the letters, as well as NEATNESS for the handwriting portion of the class. We will be going through all of the letters of the alphabet to ensure that the proper handwriting techniques are being utilized. Then for the writing portion of the class some students will be working on writing 6 or more complete sentences in their journals, whereas other students will be working on writing complete paragraphs that will focus on using expository as well as expressive writing techniques. The goals and objectives of the class are as follows: Students will write complete sentences that include: – capital letters – punctuation – spacing between words – legibility/Neatness – writing 6 or more complete sentences in the journal. – For the students who has mastered the above task, they will write an expository paragraph on a particular topic as well as write an expressive paragraph using what, who, when, where, and why. They will also work on the writing process including: the Introduction, Body, and Conclusion of forming paragraphs. For the handwriting portion of the class, the goal and objective will be proper letter formation (working of writing letters from the top to the bottom) as well as neatness. ***Students need to bring a new journal to work in.***

 This course is limited to 6 students.

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