Teacher Appreciation Week

ta_thanks[1]Many thanks to all of the parents and students who helped spoil the teachers and staff during teacher appreciation week. Your efforts from decorating the doors/walls to bringing in lunches, drinks and more for the teachers were very much appreciated!

ta_artdoor[1]Additionally, THANK YOU so much to the following volunteers for contributing to the teacher/staff breakfast or the Taco lunch this week:

Caryn Ogami, Marianne Cox, Laura Loomis, Suzanne Jung, Amanda Stefansson, Bianca Cords, Sarah Blik, Sheryl Thomas, Whitney Crutchley, Kim Green, Lisa Danielson, Sangita Singh, Elizabeth Vitaro, Anu Mopati, Amy Galakatos, Tanna Behling, Shannon Boivin, Kelley Crandall, April Haymore, Jackie Kostas, Michele Cohen, Christy Burkhard, Amanda Valentine, Jen Taulbee, Emily Miller, Maureen Towne

Thank you to the Kimball family for donating all the Fanta for the teachers & staff to enjoy this week.

ta_chinamistbox[1]Thank you to China Mist and the Martinson Family for putting a variety of teas in the staff lounge. The teachers were very excited to have tea added. They donated a box of tea for each teacher and staff and also provided tea for the staff lunch.

Our community has shown so much attention to our teachers & staff this week. They are all grateful.