Birthday Celebration – Marquee


Wish your student Happy Birthday in a spectacular way! Celebrate with their name on the Marquee! $25 (marquee only,  birthday celebration treats purchased separately and are currently unavailable)


At Sonoran Sky we LOVE birthdays and we have two fun ways to celebrate:
1)  A Birthday announcement on our Marquee, and/or
2) Our Birthday in a Box celebration! Click here for more info on how to get treats delivered to your child’s class for their birthday!

SEVEN SCHOOL days notice required for these programs! Plan early.

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Sonoran Sky Birthday Celebration on the Marquee

Are you excited about a birthday? Sonoran Sky Elementary has a special way to celebrate birthdays and it’s also a nifty library book fundraiser.

Birthday orders require a minimum of SEVEN (7) SCHOOL days’ notice. Late orders depend on the availability of volunteers and may be denied.  

Birthday Celebrations on the Marquee include: 

1. The birthday child’s name will be featured in an animated design on our digital marquee! (Marquee placement begins a few days prior to the student’s birthday, and is removed a few days after for a total run of at least five school days.)

2. Once kids are back in school, Ms. McBrien, the SSKY Media Tech, will invite your child to the library to select and be the first to check out a new library book from new books waiting to be shelved in the library. A commemorative nameplate with your child’s name will be affixed to the inside cover.

SSKY PTO Payments Policy

To ensure accurate bookkeeping, secure collections, provide tax receipts, expedite processing, and reduce waste, all PTO-facilitated payments must be made online via credit card, debit card, eCheck, or ACH automated bank draft.

For any instance where this is not possible, personal check payments (no cash, please) must be enclosed in a sealed and labeled envelope and placed in the PTO collections safe at the front office. The safe is checked periodically throughout the week. Online orders take priority, which may result in product or service unavailability. In that instance, your check will be returned to your student. We encourage you to place your orders online. The returned check fee is $35.00. Please contact for assistance.