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Birthday in a Box orders require a minimum of SEVEN SCHOOL days’ notice. Late orders will not be fulfilled and will be refunded. 

Birthday Treats
$25 (Birthday Marquee is purchased separately)

Birthday Treats BIB Pre-Sale $20 ($5 off) until August 20th

At Sonoran Sky we LOVE birthdays! We have two fun ways to celebrate:
1) Our beloved traditional notice on the marquee for $25 and/or
2) Our Birthday in a Box celebration, also just $25 AND with NEW treats for 2021-2022!

Sign up for the marquee by clicking here and keep reading to sign up for treat delivery!

Let us help take some of the stress and guess work out of bringing in school-approved birthday treats. Pre-order your child’s birthday treats today and cross this off your to-do list. A few clicks and you’re all done with school birthday treat planning and shopping! No more running to the grocery store the night before (or morning of!) your child’s birthday just to stare at aisles of pre-packaged food trying to find something appropriate!

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Sonoran Sky Birthday in a Box

Is your child excited to bring in treats for their birthday but you’re unsure how the birthday treat policy works? Are you nervous about picking the “right” kind of treat or excluding someone who has an allergy? Do you want to skip sugary food treats altogether? Maybe you’re confused about how many treats you should even buy?

Don’t worry! Let us take the stress and guess work out of birthday treats. To make it easier for everyone to comply with school, District and Maricopa County requirements, dedicated parent volunteers have identified 7 different district-policy-compliant and FUN treat items that you can purchase in advance for your child’s classroom birthday celebration. Volunteers will even make sure the correct number of treats are delivered to the classroom eliminating all the worry and stress for you.

Birthday in a Box orders require a minimum of SEVEN SCHOOL days’ notice. Late orders will not be fulfilled and will be refunded. 

Your Classroom “Birthday in a Box” purchase includes: 

1. Your choice of one of the following items for each student in your child’s class (just order the item you want, the correct number of pieces, based on current enrollment, will be delivered to class):

  • Lays Potato Chips – 1 oz bags of salty, crispy, crunchy snacking gluten free goodness. Individually wrapped.
  • Magical Erasable Highlighters – Highlight with one end and flip over to erase!
  • Fidget Spinner Pen Eraser – Erases, spins, and has 3 pens!
  • Animal Squishy – Super cute and super squishy!
  • Scentsible 6-color pen – 6 brightly colored inks in each pen with 6 mystery scents!
  • Mini Bubble Pop Keychain – Bubble-popping fun and a keychain, too!
  • Marshmallow Putty – Lots of fun: stretch it, bounce it, knead it!

SPECIAL – JUST FOR THE BIRTHDAY KID! The birthday child will also receive a small gift bag with mystery gifts.

Due to availability, options may change from time to time. If the item you have chosen is out of stock, it will be replaced with a similar item.

2. Delivery of your chosen item to your child’s classroom in advance of your child’s birthday. Items will be delivered on the preferred delivery date noted in your order; however, classroom teachers will have the discretion to distribute items at an appropriate time that does not conflict with lessons or other planned activities.

3. Peace of mind. You’ll rest easy knowing that you’ve got birthday treats totally covered with items that meet school and District requirements. (FYI – here’s the applicable policy, “The Maricopa County Department of Environmental Services requires that food brought into the classroom for snacks and parties come from a commercial source. Items should be individually wrapped to avoid bare hand contact with the food. If the items are not individually wrapped, such as cookies or cupcakes from a bakery, an adult wearing disposable gloves must serve the food.” )

Please note – the Birthday Marquee must be purchased separately! 

SSKY PTO Payments Policy

To ensure accurate bookkeeping, secure collections, provide tax receipts, expedite processing, and reduce waste, all PTO-facilitated payments must be made online via credit card, debit card, eCheck, or ACH automated bank draft.

For any instance where this is not possible, personal check payments (no cash, please) must be enclosed in a sealed and labeled envelope and placed in the PTO collections safe at the front office. The safe is checked periodically throughout the week. Online orders take priority, which may result in product or service unavailability. In that instance, your check will be returned to your student. We encourage you to place your orders online. The returned check fee is $35.00. Please contact for assistance.

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