Classroom Support Funds 2021-2022

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Classroom Support Funds (CSF) support classroom activities for the entire academic year (with the exception of field trips). Because your teachers identify specific programs and activities they’d like to fund, the amount of CSF differs for each grade level. Students who participate in Resource($5), Honors($10), and/or SCG ($15) are also asked to contribute to those classroom funds to support programming specific to those classrooms. If your student attends resource, honors classes, or is in a self-contained classroom please select those options.

Please note that CSF is not a contribution to the PTO it is a contribution directly to your child’s classrooms. The monies are collected and held in an account by the PTO as a service to our teachers, so they can focus on teaching and not accounting. Classroom Support Funds are not used for PTO sponsored activities or programs and the PTO has no discretion over the use of the funds.  You can help fund PTO programs through Team Thunderbird.

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Classroom Support Funds (CSFs) are voluntary contributions that go directly to your classroom teacher and grade level to fund events and supplies that support the curriculum. The amount of CSF is determined by the grade-level team and, as such, are different from grade level to grade level. While the contributions are collected by the PTO, the PTO does set the amounts, have access to, or use the funds for any school-wide programming. The PTO collects the funds only as a service to our teachers.

Classroom Support Funds help support your child’s academic experience in their classroom.  Your child’s teacher, in conjunction with the other grade level teachers, determines the budget and how funds are used for the year.  Generally, Classroom Support Funds support activities and experiences such as:

  • Various in-class labs & projects
  • Materials for “specials” (Music, Art, PE, Computers, STEM)
  • Materials for Wonderland outdoor classroom and garden
  • SkyWriters (student publishing lab)
  • Shirts
  • Holidays, celebrations, and awards
  • Room Parent funds (teacher appreciation)

Your classroom teacher can provide you with a detailed description of how CSF is allocated for your student’s specific grade level.

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