Third Grade Classroom Support 2017-18



2017-18 Third Grade Classroom Support

Dear Sonoran Sky Family,

Welcome to the 2017-18 school year! We are excited to start a new school year with your student. We are looking forward to sharing a wide array of educational experiences that we have planned for the year. Often, our projects and activities require funding to make them possible. We ask that each family help us cover the costs of these experiences as a one-time donation at the beginning of the school year. These funds will cover the costs of classroom activities for the entire academic year, with the exception of field trips. We thank you for your support of our school. 

Third Grade Activities and Experiences

The Third Grade donation will fund grade-level activities and experiences such as:

  • Globe Making Project and materials
  • “All About Me” Project materials
  • Classroom Celebrations
  • Yearly Portfolio materials
  • AZ Science Center’s Science on Wheels
  • Zoo Pizza Party
  • Materials for Special-area Classrooms (Music, Art, PE, Computers, STEM)
  • Materials for Wonderland Outdoor Classroom and garden
  • SkyWriters student publishing lab books
  • Student agendas
  • Room Parent Funds (teacher appreciation)

Note: Although these funds are managed for our teachers by the SSKY PTO, the classroom support fund is not considered a PTO donation. PTO donations fund many other great schoolwide activities on our campus.

Honors and Resource Support

If your student attends Honors classes with Mrs. Wilhelm or receives Resource support, the additional $5-10 per student supports their classrooms. Self-contained gifted students do not attend honors classes.

SSKY PTO Payments Policy

To ensure accurate bookkeeping, secure collections, provide tax receipts, expedite processing, and reduce waste, all PTO-facilitated payments must be made online via credit card, debit card, eCheck, or ACH automated bank draft.

For any instance where this is not possible, personal check payments (no cash, please) must be enclosed in a sealed and labeled envelope and placed in the PTO collections safe at the front office. The safe is checked periodically throughout the week. Online orders take priority, which may result in product or service unavailability. In that instance, your check will be returned to your student. We encourage you to place your orders online. The returned check fee is $35.00. Please contact for assistance.

Additional information

Will this child receive services from the Resource Team: Mrs. Langley, Mrs. Petersen, Mrs. Thomas or Mrs Belleman?

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