Top 10 Tips For the First Day of School


  1. Shoes Students should always wear closed-toe athletic shoes to have a successful and safe day at Sonoran Sky. Athletic shoes are imperative for PE classes, and are the best and safest choice for chasing the wiggles away on the playground.
  2. A hat Sonoran Sky is a SunWise School. Students without a hat will be limited in the outdoor activities in which they can participate. Don’t forget your morning sunblock!
  3. Classroom school supplies Students may bring their classroom supplies to our Meet the Teacher event on Monday, August 7th, 2017 from 8:30am – 9:30am.
  4. Classroom Support Your Classroom Support provides additional funding for our students to participate in a wide array of grade-level educational experiences. We ask each family to help cover these costs as a one-time donation at the beginning of the school year.
  5. A friend! Do you know where you’re going? Don’t worry – there’s always a friendly face at Sonoran Sky eager to help a new friend.
  6. Your after-school plan Are you a bus rider? Will you go to Mascot Club after school? Check out the before and after school options and Enrichment classes for Sonoran Sky students.
  7. Your lunch! Here’s everything you need to know about eatin’ lunch (and breakfast too!) at Sonoran Sky.
  8. A reusable water bottle Kids at Sonoran Sky stay hydrated and on-task during the day with a reusable water bottle kept near their desk. We discourage disposable water bottles because of the math: Nearly 700 students x 180 days = a whole lot of garbage!
  9. A snack It’s a long day and kiddos can get hungry. Especially, if their grade level lunch is at a different time than they are used to. Some teachers allow students to pack a snack. Ask your classroom teacher what their snack policy is and plan accordingly. Remember – try to avoid nuts!
  10. A big smile and a great attitude! We can’t wait to see you! Remember to send your first day pictures to