Sonoran Sky’s Cafeteria and Lunch Schedule

Did you know that parents are always invited to join their child for lunch and recess? Please sign in at the front office before proceeding to the cafeteria or playground. You may bring your own lunch, purchase a school lunch, or simply stop in for a visit.

To eat hot lunch from the cafeteria, students keep money in accounts that are facilitated by We teach students to type in their account number in the checkout line, and that number will stay with them for their entire tenure at PV Schools. Likewise, excess money remains in the account from year to year. It’s not a bad idea to have a few dollars in the account for “those kind of days,” whether it’s a hectic morning or a midday MIA lunchbox. Parents can check the balance and add money to the account at; they’ll also send you handy email reminders when your student’s account is low. The cafeteria will also take cash payment in a pinch.

Allergies are handled on a classroom-by-classroom basis as severity necessitates. In some classrooms, a specific allergen such as peanuts might be forbidden, and the classroom will be marked with a prominent sign at the door. In the cafeteria, there is a specially marked allergen-free table for those who need to or would like to sit there. Please, refrain from sending peanut-based snacks for the first few days of school so that we do not have any unfortunate accidents. If you have questions about the allergen policy, please contact your classroom teacher.

Cafeteria Prices

Meal / Item   Price
Student Breakfast 8:15 – 8:45am $1.00
Student Lunch 11:30am – 1:10pm $2.25
Adult Breakfast $1.25
Adult Lunch (without milk) $2.50
Adult Lunch (with milk) $2.75
Extra Milk $0.25

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Lunch and Recess Schedule

 Normal Day  
 Grade  To Lunch To Recess  To Class
KG 12:55 1:20 1:40
 Grade  To Recess To Lunch  To Class
1 12:10 12:30 12:50
2 12:25 12:45 1:05
3  11:25 11:45 12:05
4 11:10 11:30 11:50
5 11:40 12:00 12:20
6  11:55 12:15 12:35

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